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iPRGcam - Free video surveillance via webcam for Windows (English)
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iPRGcam version 3.3 от 09.04.2017
Free video surveillance via webcam for Windows.

Video surveillance via web camera is easy, fast and free!
To configure a video surveillance through the webcam you need only a few minutes of work:
  • Any computer (desktop, laptop or netbook) with the Windows operating system.
  • A webcam (internal or external)
  • Download the program iPRGcam:
    iPRGcam.exe - version 3.3 от 09.04.2017 (program file, download the file to your computer and run it from any folder. In this folder will be stored video archives)
    iPRGcam.zip - version 3.3 от 09.04.2017 (Same thing, only in the archive)
    The program consists of one file and requires no installation, just save the file "iPRGcam.exe" o any folder on Your computer, for example c:\iPRGcam\ and run the file iPRGcam.exe
THAT's ALL, the video surveillance system through a web camera is ready to work!!!
To turn on the recording, press "Record"

To enable/disable recording of photos with your webcam press "Record", the program will work on a software motion detector which will save only those frames in which there was movement.
To view the saved frames go to menu "Video files to", here the files are sorted by date. Photos can be viewed one frame at a time or in accelerated mode as in the video (the control buttons: forward, back, pause).

A more detailed description is still under development, while the English description is not ready, use the Russian version of the description.
If you are interested in helping to translate the description into English from Russian for free, write and we will place your coordinates on this page with gratitude.
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